Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Things

How our lives have taken this incredible turn that we never could have imagined.  I STILL find myself in awe that God has blessed us with another beautiful daughter.  So many days, weeks and  months longing to have our hearts filled with her presence and to know that she is actually here is surreal.  I think my heart is having to get caught up with reality.

It's made me so thankful for the simple things in life.  The joys of tiny gestures, of smiles.  I have been sleeping with Hanna on a feather bed cover since this is what she is most familiar with, and to have her wake up in the middle of the night, rolling herself around to find something familiar and secure and having that be me, just is overwhelming.  She loves to ROLL, roll, roll.  She knows wherever she is at any given moment on that cover, with her eyes closed.  She would roll to the edge, and than roll back to me, roll to the other side, than come back to me.  Than there were the moments she would reach out and grab my hand and just make some content sighing noises.  THESE are the SIMPLE things.  Bonds being built, love growing, and hearts conforming together.

Simple things.....watching her today walking with her sisters out in the driveway.  Looking at her watching them, and running ahead, yet not too far, where she's completely on her own. How blessed we are.  I'm so used to seeing the four girls together, that again, it's another moment that this fifth life is real, larger than life and so very vibrant is such a blessing.

Than of course, one of the things I cherish most is the simplicity of her smile!  How it just melts all of our hearts!  To know what she has come through in the last week, and to see such joy exuding from  her is simply miraculous.    She also knows that the way to her Momma's heart is through her laughter.  If she is going after something that we have said 'ne' to, she just takes a look at us, pulls out that cheesy grin and goes after it anyway.  This will be a challenge.  We had such a hard time with Adah, because she was so hysterically dramatic, that it was next to impossible to say no to her or correct her because she would have us in all out belly laughter. that continues to this day.   This will be interesting, for she has the drama of Adah, and the will of Bekah!  LOOK OUT WORLD!  :O)  She's absolutely perfect!  She's a girl that knows what she wants, and she doesn't want to miss a single thing.   I'm sure my mother would tell you that she reminds her of another lil girl that she used to know.  Another blonde baby, that knew what she wanted, and had a fountian pony tail as well. (something this mamma said that she would never do to her baby girls....God has a sense of humor)

Today, I took the chunk o love, as I've started to call her to the orthodontist with her sisters that had a check up.  That is where I realized that I'm so thankful for this journey because it's made me appreciate of  the simple things.  Baby girl was doing everything she could to get a smile out of the secretary there but she didn't get so much as a glance her way.  I knew how miraculous all those smiles were, and the fact that she was comfortable enough to explore,that my Mama heart wanted to ask this woman what was so terrible in her life that she couldn't take a minute to recognize the simple things.  Only one of the hygenists there today, took a few moments to recognize the chunk o love.  SHe's kind of hard to miss!  I had just missed my girlfriend at the office by about 10 minutes, and she would have given anything to see those smiles.  Made my heart saddened for people in life that are just too busy, or too overwhelmed to notice the simple things, and wants me to keep my heart on guard as well, that I don't get too caught up in the weeks ahead, in the normality of things, in the busyness of everday, that I forget how precious and miraculous each and every smile is of all my girls.

It often takes difficulties and trials to help us appreciate the simple things.  We've always said that Bekah's cystic fibrosis has made us thankful for moments, for time with one another. The long waits for our adopted daughters, has made us appreciative of moments together.....even when they are at 3 AM.   Tonight, Hanna went to sleep in her crib, as she was so exhausted by 8 PM.  She was in a hard sleep and I took the opportunity to sleep in my own bed.  It was the most luxurious last 6 hours of my life!  ha ha.  Two weeks ago, I would have been complaining about the bumps and lumps of that bed, but sleeping on the floor for 4 nights, has  made me appreciate the simplicity of  something that I already had that I had taken for granted.

So today as you go out and about your business.  Take a few moments to appreciate the simple things.  Maybe its the smile of one of your own children, or some one else's, perhaps its just taking a few moments to appreciate the colorful display that nature is putting on for us right now, or maybe it's just sitting and counting your blesssings no matter how small.

Here's a picture of my simple thing, which is a MIRACLE because of everything it represents.   A longing fufilled, hearts overflowing,  a heart being healed, but most importantly a God that loves me extravagently to bless me with this smile.


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Glenda said...

I love this post so much, Karen. Thank you for sharing your heart <3