Saturday, September 24, 2011


Just a quick update now to let you know we are home.  The "Karen regular blog" I'll post very soon about the trip home and our airport surprise.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the have prayed us through this amazing experience.  A new chapter has begun, Weigner life with 5 precious princesses.  Our cups are overflowing, and to simply say we are blessed doesn't do justice. 

Hanna has spent the morning bonding with her two big sisters while her little ones sleep.  I just am overwhelmed looking at her sitting on the floor with them and my mind instantly goes to the snapshot of us sitting in Hanna's home in Korea, with her precious foster sisters with her.  How amazing that God provided those two precious girls to love up on Naeun the first year of her life, that would make her transition to our family feel more like home!  They will forever be a part of our hearts and lives.

For Naeun's foster family:  She is doing well.  She has her moments where she cries and cries because she misses you.  It is so hard to see, and I stay right by her and cry with her.  I know her heart misses you, but it is healing.  You will always be a part of her life, and again I can't thank you for loving her so well.  If she wasn't loved, she wouldn't be grieving the loss of those that she knows.  You have helped make her who she is.  She is strong, and she is confident, and she will fit in so perfectly as a Weigner girl.  Give each other big hugs from Naeun and High Fives!  Please know I continue to pray for God to heal your hearts and give you peace. 
Forever Grateful......Mark, Karen and the Weigner girls.

                                    Two BEAUTIFUL SISTER that Love Naeun so very much.

Rebekah and Brienna, finally united with their sister
playing with her in her room for the first time.
Two are Korean, two are American, but all four have the same love for her.
Naeun Hanna is such a LOVED little girl.

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Becky said...

HOW beautiful!!! God is amazing and GOOD!!!! I'm so excited to see her walking around and looking so comfortable in her new home. Praise God and THANK YOU for sharing with us so we can continue to pray. My girls keep asking over and over if we can see baby Hanna "when we go to Pennsylvania". :-) Rejoicing with you.