Thursday, September 22, 2011

If You Still Don't Believe in Miracles

After this week of divine appointments and things lining up better than I could ever imagine, I have another little story  for you if you still don't believe in miracles.

Today we stopped at Holt to introduce DJ, the social worker to Hanna.  Not only did we end up with an amazing lunch with one of the pastors of the largest church in the world who has a heart for human trafficking......(that is another blog post about a divine appointment) .but I was able to take pictures of some babies that were in the office and talk to their foster mothers.  I took a TONNE of pictures and video.

We said goodbye to everyone at Holt Korea. Mark took one last photo of the girls and I outside the Holt offices and than he handed me back my phone.  We were planning on meeting the Bice family at the market, but Holt had some things for us to take back to the States, so we decided to take a cab back to the hotel first of all.

I had Hanna in the carrier, and so I quickly unbuckled her from around my waist when we hailed the taxi and got in.  I was telling Mark I wanted to quickly upload a few pics to the adoptive Mums when suddenly I reached down and realized my phone was gone.  Mark remembers handing it back to me.  The girls don't remember me giving it to them.  We are mostly to our hotel about now and I'm feeling sick to my stomach.  I could care less about the phone, it can be replaced, but those pictures and video are like a drop of water to someone that has been in the desert for 40 days and these Mamas would have given anything for them.

We checked the cab before we left and it wasn't there.  I WAS PHYSICALY FEELING SICK.  As soon as we got by the front desk, I realized that I had asked for the business card of the sweet worker that was helping me translate to the foster mums.  I called her up and told her what happened and she said she would go look outside for it.  OKAY people  SEOUL is like 5 times the size of New York okay.  There are over 13 million people that live here.  All I could do was pray. I got on facebook and asked  for anyone that was up to please pray for my phone.  A fellow adoptive Mum online, I asked her to call my phone which she did.  When it was ringing she was messaging me saying.."What do I say?"  I told her say.."Speakenzeee ENGLISH"  She had to leave a voice mail.  I also asked her to text a message that said, "Bring phone to Holt Korea.". While that was going on,  the sweet office worker from Holt called our room back to say she hadn't found it, but that she too took my number and would try calling it.  Minutes were seeming like hours.  I was thinknig of the BICE's and realizing we were going to miss our meeting up time with them and now neither of us had a phone to use.

As I'm emailing my adoptive friend, the phone rang again, and we were told by our friend at Holt that the taxi driver had found our phone.  He picked it up when she called and he would leave it at our hotel, but later in the day when he was back on that route!  PRAISE GOD!!!!  My heart was jumping up and down for joy, yet I'm so physically exhausted, I messaged my adoptive friend to ask her to do a happy dance for me since I was too tired and need just a few days of boring.  Ha HA.

Well Mark went down and left money with the front desk for when they came back to drop off my phone and than we were ready to head to the market hoping to find the Bice's somewhere.  As we are walking out the door from the DMCville, a taxi pulls up and I just had a feeling it was our cab man.  Mark said.'No honey it can't be, that'd be crazy. However we can take his cab to the market."  I wish I had a picture of Marks face when the man opened his door, stood up, and he had my phone in his hand.  The way things were translated, I thought the taxi driver was ours and somehow I lost it in the taxi cab and somehow missed it when I checked. This man I had never seen before.  He asked if it was our phone, and I said Yes.(gesturing since he didn't speak English!)  Mark in shock, goes to get the money from the front desk man, and than the taxi cab driver continues to show me where he found my phone.  It was on the road beside the curb!!!

Talk about another topping of miracles on top of miracles.  What are the chances that this man would see it down on the curb, not drive over it, PLUS return it!  13 million people, think of Manhattan.  THAT is not coincidence.  That is a God that is showing up everywhere and in all places.

So now I've gotta download some pics people.  If Godcould get back my phone in this city, think of how much He cares for you! Trust Him to carry you through today!

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