Sunday, September 18, 2011

For the Joy of the Lord is your Strength

Well it's Monday morning here in Seoul.  A little cooler today and it looks like it may rain.  Today I woke up about 5:45 and I have to admit, my heart felt a little heavy.  For I looked at the date, knew it was a Monday and realized that today would have been the day for us to meet Hanna and her foster mother, and getting taken to her home. Though my heart is achey, I know that God is still Sovereign and He is Good. I was able to get an email from Molly Holt last night, and a miracle has occured.  Not only can we got to Ilsan today, but we will get to spend the day with Molly.  Her schedule is so very busy, and the fact that things lined up, is only the fingerprints of God.

I'll tell more about Ilsan with the pictures we will post, but if there was one place in Korea other than Holt offices in Seoul that I would  want my girls to see it is Ilsan.  I told the girls today, I'd give up a meeting for the Queen of England if it meant that I could spend lunch with Molly!

This morning I started reading in Nehemiah about the rebuilding of the walls.  I read this verse " This is a sacred day before our LORD.  Don't be dejected and sad, for the JOY of the LORD is your strength!"  So today we go forward.  There is a friend of a friend that has a child at Ilsan that we are hoping to find out an update on, and I just received another message about looking for another little boy there with some health issues that a family is considering adopting.  So I really feel in my heart that though this isn't the day we got to see the miracle of Hanna, this WILL be a day of miracles none the less, and I will rejoice and be glad!

Also we will get to take the girls to the Holt offices, and they will get to see no doubt all the foster mothers running in and out with their precious babies, and see just how very much they were loved!

Sleep well my western friends and loved ones!

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Lauren said...

So amazing to see all of your miracles unfold! And your week has only begun. I can't wait to see what else God has in store for you and your family!