Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prayers for Hanna's Heart

Wednesday night as we were crazily trying to pack up all our things and leave all our lists for the girls left behind the phone rang. It was 9:45. Usually when a phone rings that late, I usually don't think it's anything too great. I looked at the caller ID and recognized it was our social worker at Spence Chapin. OI VAY! This couldn't be good! :) She actually was just calling to confirm our reservations and said how glad she was that I had started to work ahead on it. As we were wrapping up the conversation she wanted to remind me that our visit with Hanna was on Wednesday, September 21st. I corrected her and said that she had told me earliar that day, it was Tuesday at 1:30 and I was looking at the paper that I had written it down upon. Well she never admitted a mistake she just said, the time you get her will be Wednesday. It will be at the office and we wouldn't get to go to the foster mothers home. That was what I was mostly disappointed about, but I knew we would still get to meet the foster mother and possibly members of the family. You see this whole time SWS has been rather strict about the schedule of this whole transition. They had laid out when they wanted us there since they wanted us to go to Hanna's foster mothers house on Monday for an introduction on her turf, possibly another visit needed on Tuesday at the office, with the final meeting being on Wednesday when we would take custody. Basically our social worker tried to piece together what she thinks is happening. With this back log, and than the Korean holiday on top of it this week, SWS got a large number of families all traveling this same weekthat we are, and they don't have enough staff to deal with the visits. She did make a comment that she knows we are familiar with the way things work and that we have done this before, so maybe for some reason they picked our family to just have the one visit. At first my heart was broken, than God reminded me of how passionately I've been asking people to pray for the preparation of Hanna's heart. Immediately, I just had peace. I believe this is an answer to pray that somehow God in His infinite wisdom knows that this one visit and her coming with us will be best for her precious heart. As Mark said, her heart is eventually going to be broken whether it's after 1 day or 3. It's another change to the plan, BUT I have a God working behind the scenes, orchestrating what I know will be another miracle for our little girl. Please continue to pray that God prepares her precious heart, tha He gives peace to the foster family, and peace to Hanna's heart. Pray that we would have the love to show her as she grieves, and that she would somehow know in her precious little heart. She is HOME!

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Lydia said...

Every post I read of yours, I get tears in my eyes! I'm so excited for all of you, but I sense how hard this must be, nerves included. I'm praying in my heart and mind that Hanna's transition will be smooth and that she'll recognize love like no other when she is finally in your arms!