Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hanna's First Birthday

I should probably preface our sweet girls birthday, by explaining it was a birthday WEEKEND!  I really was very cautious about my feelings around it, and of course right when I thought I would be great I CRASHED!   It was Friday afternoon, and I think it was a combination of no new EP news at the time before the weekend, and also knowing that her day was quickly approaching on August 7th.  Though I was excited to think of her foster family and all the preparations....BUT there was no two ways about HEART WAS HURTING!  :(
As I wallowed in my own self pity though I did continually try to point my heart and prayers towards her birth mother, whom I knew was  having VERY EMOTIONAL feelings, yet without the joy of very soon getting to hold sweet Hanna in her arms!  Saturday brought Mark and mine walking/running trail that we have been doing every Saturday while waiting for the sweet baby, followed by our coffee at the Valley Cafe.  We than hit the ground running cleaning up the house for a baby shower that was happening in the afternoon for Chelsea and Colton Kenner.  It was a wonderful afternoon, and as we prepared for the shower, Brienna and I worked on a special birthday cake for Hanna.  The shower was wonderful, the games and fellowship were awesome, and God's grace and peace in our hearts was evident!  That day Narae just wasn't herself, and she spent most of the day walking around in a daze.  By the evening her fever had spiked, and her ears were hurting more than ever, so we knew this double ear infection was not giving up without a fight.  Mark and I both felt better with her being seen by someone, so we had a Narae, Daddy and Mummy date at Grandview!  I think we've had about three of them with Narae in her lifetime.  She always does love the special time with both of us, but I think we really should pick a new venue.  We obviously held off any cake celebrations until the following day.  Narae was prescribed a new antibiotic along with antibiotic drops for her ears.  As I went to bed that night a little after midnight, I just could sense people praying for me, for I had peace.  I was content to know that Hanna was celebrating her very special day and was in the midst of so much love!  I went to bed with a smile, imagining the joy of the foster mother dressing Hanna in the Hanbok that she had no doubt lovingly purchased and picked out just for her.  You see we have two other beautiful Hanboks that were picked out by amazing, unselfish women.  One was for Narae, and intended for it to be worn on her 1st birthday and the other Adah.  Both girls wore these beautiful gowns, yet the incredible women that sacrificially purchased these gifts didn't have the joy of dressing them on that special day.  Hanna's foster family did get  this privilege, and it is now an incredible part of her story.  I will be forever, truly...forever greatful to this family for all they have done for Hanna in loving up on her and caring for her every need this first year of her life.  I knew on the other side of the world.....there was a precious family doting on our little girl, and in that I was content and thanking God that even in this wait, He has a plan. 

     Sunday morning dawned early, and I headed off to church with three of the girls while Mark stayed at home with Narae.  The worship was exceptional, and I stood there in awe of how strong I felt emotionally.  I was even able to take the mic, without breaking down into a pile of tears and just thank God for Hanna's life and also for the lessons He has been teaching me about selflessness! The connections hour, I had been asked to speak to the ladies, and just share the journey of faith that God has had us on.  I really felt like God just wanted me to hit home on the fact that we are LOVED EXTRAVAGANTLY....not because of what we do, but because of who we are, which is daughters of a King!  I played Hanna's video, and showed her picture to give a visual to the ladies of my longing for this precious little girl.  The Bible talks frequently about how we are adopted as God's children.  Going through this process with Hanna, just as the other two girls, looking at her picture, longing to hold her, reminds me that this is how God views me!  Hanna is a Weigner girl, with an amazing family of people waiting to love up on her, and she doesn't even know it.  There is absolutely nothing that she has to do to be a Weigner girl....yet accept it!  She is already written on our hearts.  I shared with the ladies that I think that God has allowed me three precious children via adoption because He knows how stubborn I can be, and I forever need the reminder of how much He loves me!  Those of you that were praying for me that day....THANK YOU......I knew it was because of prayers that I truly was experiencing the peace of God that passes all understanding.  My final comment to Pastor John before going home, was if he could please remind the Lord that I had finished what He asked me to do on this difficult day, and perhaps the phone could ring now!  He chuckled and said..."I will rejoice with you in God's perfect timing for you to be over in Korea!"  I reminded step at a time step at a time.

Well I got home and it was party time!  Narae was like a different child with the new antibiotic in her and she was definatley ready to venture out for Korean food!  We took Hanna's picture with us, for what type of day would it be without the birthday girl! :)  The waitress at the Korea Garden definitely got a kick out of seeing her picture.  Especially at the end when we said..."Adah, don't forget Hanna at the table!"   We stopped off for some Merrymeade ice cream on the way home, and how wonderful it would be if the next time we go there we are a family of 7!  We gathered around the table than and sang Hanna her Happy Birthday song!  It was a wonderful day, and I was content to know she had a beautiful Korean Dol tradition behind her that I firmly believe we will see many pictures of, and I know we have so much hope ahead for all of us.  I definately felt like it was a mountain climbed with the help and support of so many friends and loved ones! 

So here are some pictures of our special day celebrating the life of a very special little girl that we still find ourselves pinching one another as to how remarkable and miraculous she truly is! 


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