Friday, May 22, 2009

The Joy of Homeschooling

I love days like this when I'm homeschooling the girls. It's a beautiful morning and we can enjoy the day together with the flexibility that 'outside' the classroom brings. Since I had to go take back the tiller this AM, the girls got an early wake up call. We decided to do girls breakfast at Stawberry House in Pennsburg. Problem was when we got there it was closed due to a death in the family. So we opted for the Pennsburg diner, and were so excited they had hauled the entire place over. Here's Brienna with her Chocolate Chip pancakes that she put away somewhere!

Here's BEFORE!!


It was such a nice morning and it was only 9 AM, so we decided to head on over to the Green Lane Reservoir, that we officially discovered last week when we were driving around. Mark always knew it was there ,but had never been. It's basically a smaller version of Lk Nockamixon. It would be beautiful to Kayak on, but they quarantine ALL boats for 10 days before letting them in the water to make sure they don't have zebra mussels on them. Something about clogging up the dam. So that puts a kink in they wanted over $100.00 per boat to let it sit there quarantined. YES THEY DO have a guard person............well okay.....this morning she was an 80 year old woman with knitting needles, but I'm sure she could do damage if she wanted.

So we found a spot by the water, and I read to them from one of their school books. It's called Peace Child and is about a missionary to cannibals in Papua New Guinea. While we were reading I was accosted with pebbles from my youngest daughter, followed by Brienna thinking she was finding some new incredible creature that looked very similar to a gummy worm but had no guts to it. We were doing a science experiment and trying to dissect it. Thankfully Narae solved the puzzle 10 mintues later when Adah found a similar one and Narae said, "I think it's one of those things you fish with" Sure enough it was a fishing lure! Out of the mouths of babes! Leave it to a 7 year old to solve unsolved mysteries. I hope none of you are thinking about any 'ahem'....'blonde jokes' right now! After awhile at the park we drove around to follow the reservoir and came across a BEAUTIFUL TRAIL that had several horses coming along. If you haven't talked to us in sometime.....horses are Bekah's life right now! I'm surprised she didn't take it hostage! So now we just need a horse, a saddle, some lessons, and of course boots and a cowgirl hat and Bekah knows exactly where she'll be going. She has her money saved up so we are just trying to find the best place, and time.

Here' s a cute saying for the day from Adah. We were driving along and she hit her window button.....(we normally have the driver control's on), but I was in the truck so had forgotten. I hear her say so excitedly to Narae....."Narae....look WE HAVE THE POWER!"

TOO CUTE! Of course a little scary coming out of Adah's mouth, but it made me think of how we can deal with God. We get upset that we don't have the power, we don't have the controls.....when all along the "parental controls' are for our best interest. For our protection! Thankfully Adah didn't lose a limb hanging out the window when she realized she had the power, and yes.....I did try to be merciful, but I had to take the power back. She just wasn't ready to handle the responsiblities for what that power window could do, mainly self control at keeping her hands, and articles in the vehicle out of the blowing wind! It was a little comment that made me laugh, but also made me think deeply too. Maybe I won't be so upset next time the power button is taken away, but instead appreciate the protection it provides.

Just some ponderings from this mom of 4 princesses.

We are going to take the girls to Lake Nockamixon with the Kayacks and canoe to enjoy a nice sunset, and if we get that far..........FIRST OFFICIAL CAMP OUT OF THE YEAR!!

Can you say...........Thank God for Air Mattresses and Bug Repellent!

Over and Out from Quakertown

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Nae said...

Heck yes!! Thank God for air mattresses and bug repellant! We took the boys to one of our area lakes this weekend too-first camping of the year! We were blessed with beautiful weather and a cool night.
Power controls....hmmmmm....I struggle with leaving the controls in God's Hands in regards to my men and their safety, and yet, I know, without a doubt, that they are much safer when He's pushin the button of control. It's something that I have to consciously put in His Hands and keep my faith always on Him. Mom's know it all but God knows IT ALL.