Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Busy Day

So Mark had a couple of REALLY BUSY days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with so much accomplished that he had today open. We started the day by going for an early morning Kayak ride on Lake Nockamixon, followed by breakfast at Emil's. The water was so still. Mark even thinks that we possibly saw an eagle. He said it was too big for a hawk, but it didn't have the bald head. Either way it was BEAUTIFUL! We saw a couple of Great Blue Heron's and I was very surpirsed to see a VERY colorful fish jump infront of me a few times. Mark figures that someone probably dumped their Coi fish into the Lake.

After Emil's we hit Suelke's Roadstand on the way back home to check in on some plants. We went home, dropped off the kayaks so we could head back to Suelkes and pick up a truck load of Mushroom Soil Of course, I thought it was soil made of mushrooms until I asked Mark why it smelled so bad! I know, I can all stop rubbing your head in disbelief, or you'll end up like my husband!

All cars stayed FAR, FAR away from us on the way home, though I told Mark it would be funny to sit in Schukyll Traffic and watch the distortion of people's faces trying to figure out where the smell was coming from.

Mark unloaded the soil into our garden that he had marked out. He dropped a couple of poplar trees on Monday to make a frame for it. I later ran to ORE and rented a Tiller so mix the soil in really well, so we can give the plants the best start! In between doing this, we got the cover off the pool, the girls had their first swim of the year (I forgot to take pics of this), and Mark froze himself as he had to go under the water to attach the drain fitting. WHAT A DAD!!!

After the drain fiasco, he was off to work on the chicken coop while I ran to ORE, and than made some supper. Garden is all tilled, pool is filling and work continues on the chicken coop. As you'll see from the pics, these chickens will be living in HIGH STYLE! Hopefully they will repay us with lots of wonderful EGGS!

You can see from the pics that the girls all were working hard hammering nails as the walls started to get up on the sides of the coop. I'm looking around at all the work that has been done and I'm thinking that my husband has been sneaking outside after I've gone to bed to do it all!! He's really enjoying the work, and Dad W. you can see that he has come a LONG way from that Box he built for your ELKhead many, many years ago in preparation for it's LONG trip to Alaska!

I'll add some pics of the new additions to the family tomorrow, but this is a start for the day.

Better call it a night as sunrise is coming soon, and I'll have one rooster named GOLIATH to remind me of it no doubt!

Over and Out from the Weigner Plantation in Quakertown.

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Nae said...

That's great about the chickens! The girls will learn SO much!! See? You're turnin into a pretty savy country after all!! :-) Watch out for Goliath!!