Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Journey Home...Part One.

It was so hard to believe on Thursday night September 22nd that our trip to Korea was coming to an end.  After false calls, a roller coaster of emotions, our baby girl was finally in our arms, yet we still had an ocean to cross to get home.  I blogged about our thoughts before leaving Korea, and how our hearts are forever a part of this special city, and resilient country that has been the birth place of three of our precious children.  It's funny now to think that our biological kids are outnumbered in the house, which means that the adoption love overrules!  I'll take that any day, since it's a constant reminder to me of God's unfailing love for me His child.

The night again for me was maybe a couple of hours of sleep since I had wanted to write about our final thoughts on leaving Korea.  Mark has mentioned several times to people what a miracle it was that I had the strength and stamina throughout the whole trip with such little sleep.    He had more sleep than I did, yet probably struggled more with lethargy and jet lag through the trip.  Something only God could do.  I knew how important it was to carry you all along with us on the journey to Hanna, and I just trusted the Lord to give me the strength to carry through each day, which He evidently did.

Friday morning we needed to be down with the Holt  driver at 7:30 in the morning, and Hanna was the last little girl up.  She had a peaceful night rest, and we knew that 7 in the morning would be early for her, so we let her sleep as long as possible.  I hated waking her up, because as I watched her sleep so peacefully, I knew she must be dreaming of everything she knew, yet when her eyes opened that crazy strange, blonde would be there and her world would be upside down! For goodness sakes, the woman dresses her for bed in rainbow stripes....who does that!?!

The girls were all excited about the trip home.  The sadness of the night before had melted into excitment to start our journey back to the big, big sisters.

For the first time Hanna was sporting her "Little Sister Shirt" on. Of course we have to use the word 'little' sister very sparingly, since she's not too far away from her big sister on the scale believe it or not!

Here's the last shot of the blonde with her sweethearts in Room 303 that changed our lives forever!

Our driver was right on time and waiting for us, because of course in Karen fashion I had to be at least 5 minutes late!  I had been a little nervous of the van ride to the airport, since it invoked not happy memories for any of us and really wasn't wanting to go through another grieving cry at 7:30 in the morning, but we were prepared to go with the flow, and Miss Hanna was WONDERFUL.  Did I say how very thankful we were to have the girls with us!  Hanna started to cry in the car, but nothing that a change of scenery and sitting on the lap of her big sisters didn't cure.

I remember the pictures we took of the airport before we left Korea with Narae, and to think of all the things that God had done, truly above all we could ever imagine.  Before I was standing with one precious daughter, getting ready to come home to be a family of 5, and now I was surrounded by three Asian daughters, to make us a family of  7.  I couldn't wipe the smile from my face, or the tears from my eyes, as I was so overwhelmed with how blessed we have been.  The journey to this point wasn't easy, but oh the joy that was in our arms, was worth every single moment.

Oh how I miss Asian hospitality.  Nothing like getting pulled out of a line that was enourmous, to go in the Happy Mom Service Line.  Americans could definately learn a thing or two from this part of the world about customer service. 

I definitely felt like Willie Wonka in The Chocolate Factory, holding a Golden Ticket with Hanna's precious EP.  These are so dear and priceless  at this point, that I will never forget what a miracle it represents.  If only the Korea government could see our family, and meet the families that represent all those that are waiting to give all their love to these precious children. 

And of course we can't forget Daddy in all these pictures.  As before though, he was so overwhelmed with all our luggage I was worried if we stopped too long, he would topple over!

These next shots are some of my favorite, as Hanna is just as content as could be looking over everything that's happening.  Maybe she was trying to ask for a window seat, or just concerned she would get enough to eat during the 12 hour flight.  The customer service of Asiana was over the top, and I  have nothing but rave reviews for this airline and their TLC!

Notice how lil' sis is holding big sisters hands.  What a picture of Love.  Adah's letting her know I've gotcha sis, and I'm never leaving you or letting go! This ride is taking you home....

Had to snap a picture of course of all the weapons not to have on a plane.  Thankful they didn't have a dirty diaper as one, or we'd be in big trouble!  Though I think that could easily be classified on a plane as a weapon of mass destruction for anyone that has been in close quarters with a 'stinky baby' and no where to go!  :)

Here's some final shots at the airport and our last moments in Korea! Even the ground in the airport is clean enough to eat off of....not that we did. Maybe that's why Hanna keeps throwing her food from her highchair while at home! :)

AND LAST but not LEAST, the final picture of the 5 WEIGNER's in KOREA!
Thankful for Daddy's long hands with the iphone to snap us all in!

This truly was the trip of a lifetime!  It's been about a week, and I still can't believe we have been across the world and back and that Hanna is in our arms.  I still can't believe what a miracle the last 7 months of our lives have been.  I look at the pictures in my room that I stared at for so many days, many times through tears, and I can still feel the tremors of my heart thinking that we may be caught up in everything that was going wrong.  It seemed like so long, yet to many our wait was so quick.  It's often said, adoption can stop time, and that it can.  To now wake up in the middle of the night and see the moon shining on the picture frame, gets my mind out of the sleepy haze, to realize that our precious girl is home.  I sneak inside her room ever so softly, just so I can look over the top of the crib and remind myself it's all so real.  She's not a sound sleeping girl like Narae and Adah were so I know to wake her up and rock her in my arms, will mean a night of partying will have begun for Hanna.  So for now, I just look through the crack in the door, and listen to her breathe, and take it all in.  For it's still so new, and my heart and my head are trying to catch up.  I than go over to the room across the hall where Adah and Narae sleep, pondering, treasuring things in my heart...than before going back to our bedroom, I stop in at Bekah and B's door.  I look in, I see how big they've grown, I ponder, I treasure and I thank God.  For I am blessed beyond measure.

I'll post more of our airplaine ride and the welcome at the aiport as well, in separate posts.  For now....a little girl....with dark brown eyes that disappear when she smiles, is calling and this Omma is going to get and give some lovin' and cherish every moment.

Stay TUNED............


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